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The river flowed and she groaned loudly as she climaxed.

I was glad I had turned on the waterfall to mask the noise.

I had Monica go to the gym and work out with the trainer three days a week for 90 minutes, each Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday morning after she took care of my sexual requirements, cleaned the kitchen and the bathrooms and did the laundry. The personal trainer was female and I had interviewed her in person to make sure it was a good fit.

I wanted someone who was friendly and would make it easy for Monica to work out and want to work out.

Late April It had been a very busy first half of the month for me, not only with client work but getting going on two business opportunities, meeting and starting to date Lisa, mentoring Susan and keeping Monica going on her massage and sexual education.

Each Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday morning my contest with Monica continued.

I immediately noticed a drop in Monica's weight, saw some muscle tone in her arms, butt and legs and she had better posture.

My wife had been a great customer of Kim and also referred a lot of business to her. Over the weekend I had a visitor; the story follows below, but let me finish on Kim first.

When my wife died, a chunk of Kim's business went away and I could tell, without asking, that she was hurting financially. She was being coy about being with me but we did text and talk daily the next few days, just to say hi. At our first date I did talk to her about going on retainer with me because I was looking at buying some houses and office buildings. On Monday morning I mailed her a retainer check for ,000 to cover the first month and a half.

I cannot begin to count the number of times she thanked me for all the sex I was giving her.

Monica felt respected, wanted, appreciated and sexy.

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