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Even if Brad is a fabulous lover, Angiestill must be wondering what she's missing," adding; "It's only a matterof time before Brad finds him cheating on him with another woman."Misty Cooper is currently living with her female lover of 8 years.---------------------------------------------------------Rumor: Lady Gaga A source close to the actress told IUC late last night that there was recently a secret rendez vous between the two at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel that lasted all night. Still, I reserve judgment on this one until I see more proof.Developing…Emma Watson is extremely private; the only thing people know about her really is her and Weinstein and how much she hates Rupert Grint. Angelina Jolie In March of 1996, Jolie married actor Jonny Lee Miller after working on the film "Hackers" together.While still married, Jolie met actress and model Jenny Shimizu while filming "Foxfire" together in 1996.

I feel as though Michelle is more private normally and not so open about these kind of relationships. Man, tip of my tongue...she's not very popular so... Angelina Jolie In March of 1996, Jolie married actor Jonny Lee Miller after working on the film "Hackers" together.

Jolie met Shimizu on the sets of their film Foxfire, and famously said in an interview "I would probably have married Jenny if I hadn't married my husband (Billy Bob Thornton).

I fell in love with her the first second I saw her."Shimizu, a former Calvin Klein model, revealed earlier this year that she had also been Madonna's "sex slave", and described the singer as "sensational" in bed,"I was her secret 'booty call' available any time of the day or night for secret sex sessions," the model earlier said.

The two were involved in a romantic relationship when Jolie was still married to Miller.

Jolie even admitted that their relationship continued for years despite being romantically involved with other men.

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