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We found that our friends really enjoyed hearing about our experiences in the dating world and so we thought why not write about it.

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She’s no stranger to reality TV having starred on Ex on the Beach with her ex, MTV bad boy Ashley Cain, and has warned viewers that she struggles to hold in her emotions.

Today I have a really fun interview to share with you guys.

I have to say, I was pretty impressed with myself when I did my dating challenge, but I have nothing on these girls!

You know within minutes of meeting someone (sometimes seconds) whether there is anything there worth exploring. I think the biggest lesson we have both learned is that we’re very comfortable being single and are not prepared to settle for a guy just for the sake of being in a relationship. It’s not love by any means, but we enjoy each other’s company and have a great time together.

We’ve both come to learn what it is we want in a guy (or what we don’t want! It’s not that our expectations are too high, we just both know what we deserve! Shelby – I think my favourite date so far would have to have been with Mr. I had very little expectations for the date and wasn’t actually looking forward to it at all. Kristen – It’s hard to decide which is my favourite date, but a stand out for me was Mr. It was a fun, flirty, activity date to the golf driving range which will always give a great first impression, and definitely memorable! I think the ideal first date depends on the company you’re with.

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