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We have no n****** where I grew up.'They also did not hear the 39 other times Fuhrman used the n-word tapes obtained by the defense. That brief recording heard by the jury was taken from 13 hours of interviews between Fuhrman and Laura Mc Kinny recorded between 19, with the last tape being made a month after Simpson was charged in his wife's murder. Without the glove - bye, bye.'Fuhrman also angrily refers to Simpson's lawyer Robert Shapiro as a 'Jew' and says that he looks forward to filing a libel lawsuit against him after comments he made about the detective in a New Yorker story. In his final recording, Fuhrman talks about the Simpson case and having discovered the glove, telling screenwriter Laura Mc Kinny; 'I'm the key witness in the biggest case of the century. In addition to his repeated usage of the n-word, Fuhrman also describes a number of racially-motivated attacks which were allegedly committed by members of the LAPD and at one point even talks about using an innocent woman as a human shield - and then throwing her down the stairs. Marcia Clark said in the 2016 documentary 'OJ: Made In America' that it was those tapes that ultimately turned the tide in the defense's favor, making the case about race and less about the actual victims.'Listening to that I felt like someone just opened a drain pipe and rolled it all over my body.'She has even less kind things to say about Fuhrman at the time.

'Additionally, FNC’s roaming correspondent-at-large Geraldo Rivera and FNC contributor and former LAPD detective Mark Fuhrman will provide contributions and analysis to FNC’s coverage.'Fuhrman has offered analysis for Fox News many times in the past, almost always defending the cations of police in racially-charged incidents.To drive this home, Bailey at one point asked Fuhrman if he had ever used a racial slur, specifically the n-word, at any point in the past 10 years. Get in the car.' - Describing suspect'Commander Hickman, was a dickhead. We have no n****** where I grew up.' - On his hometown'When I came on the job all my training officers were big guys and knowledgeable, some n*****'d get in their face, they just spin 'em around, choke 'em out until they dropped.' - Speaking against women on the force'We stopped the choke because a bunch of n****** have a bunch of these organizations in the south end, and because all n****** are choked out and killed -- twelve in ten years. ' - On new LAPD regulations'He grew up in school with all blacks, and every time a n***** looked at him, he'd jump them cause he figured they were going to jump on him, so he might as well start the fight right now and get it over with.' - Describing his partner on the force'Westwood is gone, the n****** have discovered it. Torrance is considered the last white middle class society.' - On racial makeup of neighborhoods in LA'Now, it's funny because guys in Internal Affairs go, "Mark, you can do just about anything. We'd love to investigate just some good 'ol boy beating up a n***** in a bar."' - On his fellow officer s on the force 'First thing, anything out of a n*****'s mouth for the first five or six sentences is a f****** lie. There has got to be a reason why he is going to tell you the truth.' - On questioning suspects'We basically get impatient with him being so f****** stupid. So I just handcuffed him and went the scenic route to the station. Went over to the baseball diamond and talked to him. The LAPD detective answered Bailey, under oath, saying he had not used the word in the past 10 years as of that date, March 15, 1995. When I left, Dana goes, "No blood Mark." "No problem, not even any marks, Dana." Just body shots. Mark Fuhrman and OJ Simpson will be having a reunion of sorts this Thursday on Fox News.The cable news network has announced that Fuhrman will provide 'contributions and analysis' during the convicted felon's parole hearing in front of the Nevada Board of Parole.

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