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[Out of Character] Which irritated me even more than it would have if the fic had been badly written from the get-go.

In which case I would simply not have kept on with it in the first place.

The author is all too obviously channeling some afternoon soap opera. And I resent being expected to hyperventilate on command.

**** And, actually, the above is a good definition of what has gone wrong.

Looked at with a cool head, the whole business as it is presented often tends to be highly implausible, whether slash But it does annoy me when, at the first panting breath, there is an abrupt behavior shift in which the characters suddenly start acting like aliens to themselves.

And not just the “selves” that the reader expects to carry over from canon, or even fanon, but the “selves” as they were specifically set up in the beginning of the .

**** This would probably be an appropriate place for me to add my own two cents on fanfic romance in general, including the requisite side note regarding slash: I do not read fanfic for the opportunity of encountering “lemons”. I’m well over 21 and if I want to read smut there is no shortage of mainstream, professional-grade smut out there in my nearest mega-chain bookstore with a name that starts with B.

And I don’t get off on the sheer outrageousness of reading it enacted by characters from popular childrens’ books, either.

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And, in the cases where the characters have been obviously tweaked, whether they can manage to keep the tweaking internally consistent.

But the ideas so explored, and the elegance of the writing was more than enough to open the popular imagination to possibilities not tapped by the fairly crude earlier work which prompted it.

A edition of the story can be found in the Publications area of this site.

It doesn’t always happen, I’ll grant you, but I’m afraid it does more often than most people like to admit.

It’s as though the story suddenly got away from the author, or turned into something else in their hands.

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