Marta krupa dating marco andretti

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My sister Marta and I used to record ourselves acting, dancing and lip syncing pretending we are famous lol.Modeling has definitely given me a huge opportunity, and allowed me to live the American dream.Joe Francis founder of Girls Gone Wild Entertainment, tells he slept with Joanna And Marta Krupa from the Real Housewives of Miami…do you think this as true?Dirty laundry from her: Joanna Krupa’s fiance Romain Zago recently Romain took to his twitter to call out Joanna’s sister Marta Krupa for trying to destroy his relationship with Joanna. Her professional life has been hectic as Singer, Model, Actress, Tv personality, Presenter, Fashion Designer, Humanitarian, and Animal Activist.

Stay in shape, eat healthy, workout, be professional, have a good attitude, show up on time, be likable, definitely be thick-skinned, as you will hear more no’s than yes.My dream was always to be in-front of the camera, as a model, actress, even a ballet dancer.Entertainment was always in my blood since I was little girl…I truly believe if it wasn’t for the show we would have probably have broken up…the show made us stronger and now nothing can break us as the worst is behind us…we both learned a lot.Since I was a little girl always loved animals how can anyone not?

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