Online dating entrepreneur

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It is as if when you solve one challenge, two new ones appear, but I actually love challenges… He also had amazing recommendations for all the other technical stuff we needed such as graphics, user interface etc.

Just as long as the business continues to grow I am happy. I also spend over one year researching online dating site across the world, I even travelled to Singapore for three months to talk to experts and see what works, what didn’t etc.

Yagan hopes improving mobile technology will enable his company to find out what happens after the initial online spark.

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What do you know now that you wish you knew when you were starting out in self-employment?This is one of the most important things entrepreneurs can learn.For example, among all smartphone companies, apple is known for its sleek design.You are a pioneer in the online dating space in Kenya. It is a combination of both a personal tragedy and the experience of a very lonely single friend, in Nairobi, who expressed his frustrations at meeting quality women.I grew up in a single parent household, due to the sad loss of my father in a road accident.

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