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Remember that we are the largest free online dating service, so you will never have to pay a dime to meet your soulmate.Does anyone have a PROVEN tried and true method to lose lets say 10 lbs while training for an IRONMAN?So, I suppose you could overtrain some "unnecessary" muscle groups to the various activities of triathlon, to lose some muscle mass in specific areas. I like the idea of training with some extra weight suggested by the other person better than either of these. Try Bikram Yoga, since it is spiritual and physical purification it will take off anything that does not need to be there as well as increase your energy and you will lose any desire for unhealthy habits. In addition do the shoulder stand, this will increase the functioning of your metabolism.

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there is nothing wrong with lacking energy on some long rides or runs, you are training your body to cope with the ordeal you will put it through.

lol obviously always stay hydrated in training and experiment with vitamins and minerals and salts, some of the ones i find important for these events are b group, vitamin c, magnesium, potassium,glucosamine,iron,salt caffeine and the corresponding vitamins that are needed to absorb these be quite frank like one of the previous answers, the girl with the weights solution, you might become a little lighter but then u find your weaker than u thought u would. there are facts though, if u really want to be lighter consume less calories than you use and u will lose weight .

4 to 5 months is enough time to lose 10 can get a more specific answer than what i have provided, but then you are really looking at professional help ppl locking at whats in your blood at any time, what training your doing, what your eating ect the training, stay focused, eat well,stay injury free, and you will lose 10 lbs.

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