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But the idea actually belonged to a resourceful 17-year-old, Hannah Hightman. As long as you continue to create, you'll eventually become creative.

"Yearbooks are very expensive and schools are always looking for ways to make money [for them]," Hightman says. I know that, as an amateur, it's difficult for people to get out there and they often feel embarrassed, but as an amateur, you can't afford to be sparing.

A 2001 graduate of Yale's famously star-making MFA program, his portraits are in the collections of the Metropolitan Museum of Art and dozens of other A-list institutions.

A 2015 Brooklyn Museum retrospective examined the way in which Wiley deconstructs, as the show's catalog put it, "the politics of representation by portraying contemporary African-American men and women using the conventions of traditional European portraiture." Translation: He paints black people, from LL Cool J to fellow visual artist Wangechi Mutu as the type of towering, heroic figures art history has reserved for white people.

That act of defiance and bravery landed him on Time's Person of the Year list of "silence breakers," which is fitting because Crews has never been the quiet type. He grew up in Flint, Michigan, where his first job was as a courtroom sketch artist. It's two words: "Vulnerability" and "authenticity." You have to be open to anything new. The genre's tropes are there: happy couple, isolated house, disconcerting happenings. The protagonist is black, his girlfriend and her family white, and they want to rob him of his power and his personhood.

He won a scholarship—in art, not football—to the Interlochen Center for the Arts. The movie is disarmingly simple, sometimes funny and brilliantly inventive.

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Update Star Free and Update Star Premium come with the same installer.What changed for Wiley in 2017 is that Barack Obama chose him to paint his official presidential portrait for the Smithsonian's National Portrait Gallery.In other words, Wiley's work will formally become part of the larger arc of American history, and the "politics of representation" will truly come full circle.They're such iconic images people can relate to and I wondered why I didn't see more of [them used in] advertisements. I was emailing CMOs of basically everywhere I could think of. Palace features bright colors and a big logo, and its stores in London and New York have an overblown Versace aesthetic.Then I was watching the show "Freaks and Geeks," all the characters getting school portraits taken, and I thought it would be funny if Colonel Sanders were in there. I was just thinking of places that would market to teenagers—I know a lot of teens eat fast food—and then brands that have a character that represents them. But Tanju remains true to his roots: Check out the brand's social media accounts for lo-fi films and posts that make fun of followers.

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