Updating files on iphone

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At that point, the backup process could take minutes or an hour.

Once that’s done, and Latest Backup shows the current date (and a recent time), do it again.

Transferring files from your old i Phone to a new i Phone 6s or i Phone 6s Plus isn’t difficult, but after a reader emailed about the many, many hours he expected to wait for the old-to-new i Phone transfer process to complete, I realized that his experience has become more common — even though it’s not necessary.

Years ago, i Tunes was the only (and fairly straightforward) way to transfer one i Phone’s contents to another.

But now, between i Cloud, larger device capacity sizes, and i Tunes encryption options, there are certainly ways to turn a simple process into a day-long ordeal.

Step 2: Keep Using Or Properly Wipe Your Old i Phone Once your old i Phone has been backed up as discussed above, you’re ready to either wipe it clean for resale or keep using it until your new phone arrives.

If you want to keep using it, be sure to do at least one last backup of your old phone before connecting your new phone to i Tunes — I typically repeat the two-backup process, which takes only a few minutes since it’s incremental.

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