Updating operating system on ipad

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Note: i OS 10 is now available and it only works for i Pad mini 2/3/4, i Pad 4th generation, i Pad Air/Air 2, and i Pad Pro.

If you are holding an old i Pad 2/3, you may failed to update to new i OS 10.

Without you knowing it, your app happens to auto-update overnight and introduces a bug that dumps your databases.

If you don’t check before takeoff, you could have an unpleasant surprise after takeoff. No, you don’t have to have the latest i Pad Pro with 256GB of memory.

Even worse, i Pad models 1 through 4 no longer accept software updates, which means you won’t be able to upgrade to the latest i OS version. But as you accelerate on takeoff, the i Pad (with its slippery metal case) slides right off your leg and ends up in the luggage compartment.

Note to self: secure the i Pad in a mount, kneeboard or flight bag before takeoff! Updating to new versions of i OS the day they are released.

Just go to the General Software Update, and download the latest i OS on i Pad.

Also Read: The Most Common i OS 10 Update Issues and Fixes This tip is very needed for those 16/32 GB i Pad users, just swipe through the pages on your i Pad to find out if there are apps you don't actively use or have never used.

Removing the unwanted apps from your i Pad is not only an effective way to free up space but also a good way to speed up your slow i Pad.

For many i Pad users, applying these 5 methods one by one must be with much time consuming.

And every other a period when i Pad running slow, taking these operations again, it would be pretty annoying.

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