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As the chair of the Talking Board Historical Society, he served as a consultant on the 2014 horror movie A sincere spiritualist movement arose in the second half of the 19th century.

As Americans dealt with a changing country, life in the wake of the Civil War, and other drastic changes, some sought answers in a spiritual — but not traditionally religious — realm.

He tells you that there were totally ghosts hanging around after it was used, and that so many strange and mysterious things happened. And if you’re not into any of these, there’s always Target.

Take it all with a grain of salt, and you can find out for yourself for only 0.00. The psychic Ouija board Seller’s note: “ For a different approach, you can head over to Etsy, which is also chock-full of Ouija boards.

The original directions would say that for best results, [use with] two people — lady and gentleman preferred. it’s inferred that this little girl uses the board and then becomes possessed by a demon, so this idea of demonic possession of the Ouija Board takes off and terrified America.

For over 100 years, the product (now owned by Hasbro) has been a staple of the spooky.

It was significant from the 1860s on, David Nartonis writes in his history of the spiritualist movement's growth.

Via the lecture circuit, seances, and other activities in which people attempted to talk to the dead, spiritualism became a significant cultural force.

In 1868, for example, there were no less than 150 lectures on spiritualism advertised in the Spiritual Telegraph newspaper.

That fad led to lots of unique business opportunities.

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