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— When someone told her to move out of the way during a scene change for “The Wizard of Oz,” Tasha Schuh took one step back.

Schuh, a junior in high school at the time, fell 16 feet through a trap door in the stage of the Sheldon Theater in Red Wing, Minn.

“I thought: ‘Yeah, this is what they say, but I’ll get myself out of it. I am a strong person.’ ” The fall nearly severed Schuh’s spinal cord. “I speak about the little things in life and about attitude and about how this is such a huge movement,” she says, moving her wrists in a circular motion.

She was left with limited movement in her arms and wrists but cannot move any of her fingers. “This allows me to do everything that I do today.” She can drive, move her wheelchair, feed herself, put on makeup, use a computer and sign copies of her book “My Last Step Backward,” published in 2012 — all because she has movement in her wrists. Marys, Schuh lived at the Ronald Mc Donald House in Rochester for a month while undergoing therapy.

I mean it can do anything and everything, but this hasn’t always been my life.” Schuh, the youngest of three children, was a happy-go-lucky teenager who loved to sing, play piano and compete in volleyball and basketball.

Her parents, Duane Schuh and Kathy Schuh, now divorced, owned D&K’s IGA grocery store in Ellsworth.

“These kids don’t even know if they’re going to be here tomorrow with their illnesses and their diseases.You don’t have to go out next year, but you have to finish the season,’ ” Schuh said. I always hoped that when I grew up I would inherit just a little bit of talent, because he was a very good singer.” Schuh, a soprano, was in the choir and band at Ellsworth High School.“They were very hard workers and instilled that work ethic in us: ‘You don’t quit. She landed the role of Sandy in “Grease” during her sophomore year and was cast as a chorus member in “The Wizard of Oz” the next year.Well, Tasha’s came out that she was going to be a priest.Needless to say, we were Lutheran, so that was kind of a shock.” But “all of her friends, whenever they were in trouble, would always call her, because she was a problem solver. She’s always been very gifted in speaking and talking to people.” Tasha Schuh, who attends Abundant Life Church in River Falls, Wis., began speaking at churches in southeastern Minnesota and western Wisconsin.

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